Our Head Honcho, Dana Slaughter


Dana has just over 15 years of experience across the areas of qualitative insights, brand management, and retailer marketing.  In her moderating, she utilizes a mix of new qual and in-person methods to help clients best achieve their research objectives, and about 50% of her studies involve some form of online or technology-enabled data collection.

A sample of her well-known clients include Pepsico, Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, Safeway, Whitewave Foods, and Southwest Airlines, and the US Ad Council.

Dana has presented numerous times and been published for her breakthrough work and best practices in new qual.

Dana is a 4-year member of the national Qualitative Research Consultants Association, the largest and most prominent qualitative consultants’ organization in the U.S.    In her free time, Dana enjoys traveling, tinkering with interior design and photography, and preparing for motherhood.